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Cow Shed


Besides providing education, Tagore Coaching Centre also follow the Indian culture. In this scenario, a separate cow shed with ventilation for hundreds of cows has been built along with the campus in which cows are pet and cared lovingly. Regular supply of dry fodder, fresh water and sufficient space for each cow is being provided. Medical facilities for cows, suffering from various diseases are provided immediately. The cow shed has provision for sunlight, ventilation and proper drainage.As far as cleaning is concerned, insecticides are spread regularly to maintain the hygiene of the cow shed. The infrastructure of the cow shed is so remarkable that it protects the cows from direct cold winds in winter, keep cool in summer and the corrugated asbestos  sheets of the roof  protected them from rain water. Cow dungs are accumulated and deposited into a pit regularly . Further it is used as manure. Special food such as jaggery and porridge are given to eat them time to time, on special occasion and festivals.

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