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Chairman’s Message

Puran Singh Ranwa - Chairman Puran Singh Ranwa
Tagore Coaching Centre, Kuchaman City
Respected parents and dear students,
Education is a consciously controlled dynamic continuous process. The purpose of education is to prepare human beings for life’s struggle through learning from life and its behavior. Education gives the eye (insight) and the Pankha (ability), which are useful in life and livelihood. Tagore coaching centre teaches both life and livelihood. Our aim is to prepare students of high quality, culturally and professionally.
We leave no stone unturned to make the student’s dreams come true. The dream is not the one which comes in sleep but the one which does not let you fall asleep till the dream achieves. There is a hymn in the Rigveda which states “When auspicious devotion and diligence coincide with talent, the qualities of a person begin to smell like the aroma of musk.” Our aim is to seek and carve out the talents. Here I would like to mention one thing in particular that the discipline and timetable of the institution will have to be strictly adhered to by the students. People start worshipping it when a rough stone becomes an idol with the help of chisels and hammers. We also do the same job of making idols of rough stones students. In this process, the beating of chisels and hammers will have to be borne.
Some organizations spread misleading propaganda by advertising and glorifying their achievements through words. We speak through our achievements. We believe in the expression “we Speak through deeds and our actions are smelt like a flower.”
For the last thirteen years, thousands of students have been selected by our coaching centre whose details can be seen on our brochure. We assure you that we will work as per your expectations and aspirations as we have done before.
Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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