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Tagore Coaching Centre, Kuchaman City, Nagaur, Rajasthan


हमारा सपना घर – घर में हो एयरमैन / सेलर अपना
छोटी – सी उम्र में ही सरकारी नौकरी |

“A Passion to carve out the hidden talents of remote dhani / village”​

Tagore Coaching Centre, Kuchaman City, Nagaur, Rajasthan.

            In the world of despair, Tagore Coaching Centre has emerged as the ray of hope for the students who are looking for their career.Under the efficient and ingenious leadership of the Chairman of the institute Sh Puran Singh Ranwa and Managing Director Sh Sultan Singh , the institution has been running successfully since 2007. Sultan Singh , the Managing Director is the man of an incisive mind who always motivates and mentally prepares the students for the challenging jobs such as the Navy and the Airforce in his disciplined soft voice.

           The lush green environment and congenial study atmosphere of the institution, situated out of the city crowded area, enchant and allure the students from all over the country. The students feel that it is the greatest home-away-from home. The real aim of education is to build up character. In this scenario, Tagore Coaching Centre is commendable. Highly well educated and dedicated staff always try their best to overcome the students’ shortcomings regarding teaching learning process, patiently and courageously. In the era of competitive exams, parents wish to admit their children in one of the best institutions that can fulfil their desires, keeping this view in mind, the institution provides all possible facilities to the students which are useful in teaching learning process such as computer labs, audio-visual aids, playgrounds, well equipped classrooms and nutritious food. Such congenial and harmonious study atmosphere creates interest in students to learn more and more and find their learning interesting and easy under the proficient guidance of the Director, the Managing Director and staff. As the result , every year hundreds of students are selected from this institution. It is the pioneer institution in India for the Navy and the Airforce competitive exams.


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